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Wills and Kate: The Royal Love Story

  • The couple's meeting couldn't have been scripted better: When Kate Middleton first met Prince William, she (who was a year ahead of William) made a gesture resembling an awkward half-curtsy. William, who had been attempting to play down his royal status and fit in with the rest of his classmates, was taken so off-guard that he spilled his drink all over himself.
  • The two were fast friends and ran in similar social circles but had no idea that a royal romance was in the cards -- Kate was already involved with someone, and William wasn't looking for a serious relationship. But things would change at a St. Andrews fundraising fashion show. Kate was asked to model a $ 45 Charlotte Todd sheer, strapless dress. William made sure to reserve a  front-row seat to cheer on his friend.
  • Still friends, in the autumn of 2002  William and three friends moved into a house in the center of St. Andrews - one of these friends was Kate. Although many people thought  that the attractive couple was more than just roommates, Kate and William denied anything but a great friendship.
  • In April of 2004,William and Kate were photographed waiting in line for a ski lift in the Swiss mountains. The shot of William gazing lovingly at Kate, published in the Sun newspaper,  verified once and for all for the public that Prince William and Kate Middleton were more than just friends.
  • In December of 2006, Queen Elizabeth herself invited Kate to attend the royal Christmas lunch. Although Kate respectfully declined the invitation in favor of spending time with her own family, it was a gesture that meant the royal family was ready for a new member.
  • The two continued to date for the next three years, and in November 2010, made history when they announced their engagement. 
  • Finally Prince William and Kate Middleton became husband and wife - and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - at London's Westminster Abbey this morning.
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